Panasonic releases Auto Screen Adjustment kit for fast set-up of DLP projectors

ET-CUK10 software dramatically reduces time and cost for multi or curved screen installations

6th May 2014


Panasonic Business Systems has released the ET-CUK10 software kit at its 2014 Roadshow. The kit allows automatic edge blending, colour matching and geometric adjustment for high-end DLPTM projectors.

The Auto Screen Adjustment upgrade kit, available with the purchase of Panasonic Professional models including the PT-DZ21K, DZ13K series, RZ670 and DZ870 DLP projectors, dramatically reduces installation time and cost.

The ET-CUK10 shortens adjustment duration time for multi or curved screen projections and makes seamless imagery that’s edge blended, colour-matched and geometrically adjusted. This system combines camera technology and Geometry Manager Pro software, with just a few easy steps for set-up.

Chris Maw, Product Marketing Manager, Projector and Flat Panel Display, Panasonic Australia, said: “The auto screen adjustment upgrade is compatible with a range of different screens, such as convex, portrait, concave and S-shaped. There is less degradation on the image compared with other external software based systems, since the calibration adjustment is processed by the projector’s internal image processor. It’s a fantastic piece of kit that’s simple yet highly effective.”

The Auto Screen Adjustment Upgrade Kit works as an upgraded function of Geometry Manager Pro software. If ET-CUK10 is activated together with the Geometry Manager Pro software (ET-UK201), users enjoy maximum performance from their Panasonic projector.

Specifications of ET-CUK10


1) PT-DZ10K is not compatible with ET-UK20


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