Panasonic’s new line-up of 4K Ultra-HD TVs offer the ultimate home cinema viewing experience

Outstanding picture quality paired with future-proof technologies make Panasonic’s new 4K TVs the perfect upgrade

18th Jun 2014


Panasonic will expand its 4K Ultra-HD LED LCD TV range in 2014 with four new Life+ Screen models across two series. The new line-up cements Panasonic’s innovation in 4K Ultra-HD, combining future-proof features with supreme picture quality, smart TV technologies and cutting edge design.

The newly-released AX800 series continues Panasonic’s push to offer Ultra-HD 4K TVs in a variety of screen sizes, with models available in 65 and 58 inches.

The flagship VIERA Life+ Screen AX900 series will offer the best picture quality of any Panasonic panel to date. By pooling the knowledge of its plasma and LED LCD engineers, Panasonic has been able to produce TVs that combine the brightness of LED with the deep, robust blacks and fast motion response of plasma. This model has all the features of the AX800 series, with the addition of quad-core processing and a range of picture enhancing technologies that will be announced closer to its release in late 2014.

Maetham Roomi, Product Marketing Manager, VIERA TV, Panasonic Australia, said, “If you’re looking for a truly intense, immersive and cinematic experience in your home that will serve you for many years to come, nothing beats a Panasonic 4K Ultra-HD TV. These new models are packed with technologies to make all of today’s content look stunning, and they’ve also been future-proofed to ensure they can display all of tomorrow’s content as well.”

Supreme Picture Quality

Panasonic’s new AX900 and AX800 series produce a stunningly realistic and immersive viewing experience. With four times as many pixels as a conventional Full HD TV, the new 4K Life+ Screens show every nuance in perfect detail across standard definition, HD, 3D and 4K content sources.

The powerful Processing Engine combined with next-gen image processing and innovative picture rendering maximises the image quality for both native 4K and lower-resolution content. The 2000Hz Back Light Scanning and 4K Intelligent Frame Creation engine guarantee breathtaking sharpness and a smooth, clear image even when watching fast-paced action and sports scenes.

The high-end Local Dimming PRO offers an excellent class of dimming to boost contrast performance, enabling dynamic images with the deepest blacks and ultra-whites. This system provides additional details in both dark and bright areas, by analysing and optimising the individual image areas in real-time. This achieves outstanding contrast, underlining the TVs’ stunning picture quality.

The new 4K Life+ Screens deliver colour that is truly faithful to the original source using Studio Master Colour, which consists of a newly developed, high-colour-space LED backlight that covers 98% of the DCI colour space. This reproduces colours accurately even at low saturation and brightness levels, greatly enhancing the picture quality of dark scenes.

Beautiful 4K images are produced from virtually any source courtesy of the 4K Fine Remaster Engine, which takes the original source and reproduces it in 3840 x 2160 pixels. This works hand-in-hand with the Dot Noise Reduction PRO feature, which uses unique detection and correction technologies to reduce low bit rate noise on everything from broadcasts and web pages to DVDs and online video.

The new 4K models have been certified by THX as faithfully rendering images as the movie director intended them. This provides viewers with a cinema-like viewing experience for both 4K and HD content. Additionally, ISF certification demonstrates that the TVs can be calibrated professionally.

Future-Proof TV

The new 4K Ultra-HD Life+ Screens offer the full complement of technologies to ensure they can play all of the latest content. They are equipped with the HDMI 2.0 port, which is compatible with the High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) 2.2 protocol and allows 4K content to be transmitted at high frame rates.

In addition to the HDMI 2.0 port, the 4K Life+ Screens are equipped with a DisplayPort terminal which can transmit 4K signals at 50/60Hz without any reduction in colour or frame rate performance. PC gaming enthusiasts can easily connect their PC via the 60p-capable DisplayPort and enjoy the latest games in incredible detail and with extremely high motion clarity.

4K Content Viewing

Users can watch native 4K content using a variety of built-in apps. The 4K Media Player works with the SD card slot to display photos at a crisp and clear 8-megapixel resolution. This can also play back 4K home movies that users have recorded themselves, and any 4K videos stored online or on a USB drive that are encoded in the new High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) format. This includes direct online streaming from Panasonic’s own 4K online video channel.

The 4K Web Browser produces sharp, easy-to-read text on web pages with full support for HTML5, and works well for sharing online content with friends and family where a lot of information is displayed at once.

Intelligent Features

Panasonic’s new Life+ Screen range goes beyond ‘Smart TV’ by adapting to the viewer’s preferences and lifestyle.

The new my Stream feature presents viewing recommendations that are aggregated from a variety of sources (such as YouTube, web site bookmarks and HDD content) as a single pool, effectively breaking different content types out of their silos. This eliminates the need to change TV channels repeatedly or browse the Internet to find content sources – the Life+ Screen does all of the searching itself. A proximity sensor coupled with face recognition via the built-in camera and voice print recognition works to instantly and automatically display each user’s homescreen, personalised Info Bar and my Stream.

Life+ Screen learns the content preferences of individual users through their viewing history. Viewers can also tag content they’re interested in using the “my” button on the remote control, and there is a Voice Search feature to find specific content based on key words. For example, entering the keyword “soccer” would result in the TV displaying related content such as an online video of game highlights.

Life+ Screen offers a truly tailored experience with the my Home Screen interface. This personalised gateway can be customised with the user’s favourite apps and content, and there are various pre-designed homescreens available for download.

Content has no boundaries thanks to the Swipe & Share (Android and iOS devices) and Display Mirroring (Android devices) features. Swipe & Share works for not only sharing photos, videos, music and web links to the Life+ Screen from a tablet or smartphone, but also for saving content that another person has shared to the Life+ Screen to their own device. The new Display Mirroring feature takes this a step further by transferring the tablet or smartphone’s entire display in real-time to the Life+ Screen – perfect for viewing favourite apps, games and other interactive content on the larger display.

Viewers can also watch their favourite shows live when they’re not at home while using the new TV Anytime feature. The Remote Recording feature (previously only available on Panasonic’s Blu-ray Recorders) lets users set-up timer recordings to watch programs back home at their own convenience. Thanks to the twin HD tuners, households can also record one channel while watching another.

Other smart features include a Remote Sharing function that enables family members to stay in touch by sending video memos and text messages to the Life+ Screen, a Voice Interaction Pro function that makes navigation almost as easy as having a conversation, and access to a large number of apps from providers such as Quickflix (unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows), Telstra BigPond Movies (a library of 4,000 titles on demand), SBS On Demand, ABC iView and Ovation.

Stunning Design

The Life+ Screen range uses Panasonic’s new Premium Furniture Design, emphasising simplicity. Panasonic has radically shifted its TV design focus for 2014, reflecting the fact that as screen sizes get bigger, TVs should integrate more sutbly and harmoniously into people’s living rooms.

The Panasonic TV designs seek to focus your attention on their screens and the pictures they contain rather than the bodywork around them. They minimise the TVs physical impact so they fit seamlessly onto high-quality sideboards and AV furniture. There is zero redundancy, with every element providing functionality or harmonising with décor.

To reinforce the new ‘TV as furniture’ approach, Panasonic builds its new Premium Design TVs using high-quality authentic materials, predominantly glass and metal. The AX900 and AX800 Series have a luxurious floating design using a super narrow bezel, with the free-standing screen on a three-degree tilt, counterweighted at the rear of the panel.


For more information, please contact Panasonic on 132 600 or visit the TH-65AX7800A or TH-58AX800A product pages.


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