Panasonic’s new microwaves cook meals to perfection

Panasonic’s inverter and genius sensor technologies help Australians say goodbye to cold spots and over-cooked edges

23rd Oct 2013

Sydney, 23 October 2013 Panasonic Australia has today announced the addition of two new microwaves to its popular range, making its exclusive cooking technologies and sleek design more affordable than ever.

The NN-ST663W is a must-have for any contemporary kitchen, offering a stylish stainless steel fascia and white body, with Panasonic’s superior Inverter and Genius Sensor cooking technologies.

Panasonic’s inverter technology cooks food more evenly than conventional microwaves by delivering continuous heating at modulated power. This works hand-in-hand with Panasonic’s Genius technology, which intelligently monitors and adjusts cooking time and power levels to provide perfectly cooked meals every time.

The compact NN-ST253W is Panasonic’s most affordable microwave yet. The small footprint makes it ideal for space-starved kitchens, yet it doesn’t sacrifice on the essentials, boasting five power levels, nine auto cooking menus, and a child safety lock.

Nicolas Cauzac, Product Marketing Manager, Microwaves, Panasonic Australia, said: “Panasonic continues to be the market leader in this category, and the two new models make this our strongest lineup of microwaves yet. We’re now offering even more options in the range so customers can choose the right microwave to suit their lifestyle and budget.”

Inverter Cooking Technology – NN-ST663W

Panasonic’s Inverter technology allows for far greater control over the cooking process. Conventional microwave ovens only operate on one power level, resulting in cold spots and overcooked edges. Panasonic Inverter technology delivers graduated power sequences so food is cooked more evenly, preserving texture and flavour, and helping to prevent spill-overs and burnt edges.

The small, lightweight Inverter circuit allows microwaves to combine a compact footprint with generous internal space.

Genius Sensor Cooking Function – NN-ST663W

The NN-ST663W also features Panasonic’s Genius sensor with One Touch Sensor Cooking and One Touch Sensor Reheat. This handy function provides pre-programmed cooking and reheating cycles for favourite meals by intelligently adjusting the cooking times and power levels to precisely match the food being cooked. The microwave will also calculate the ideal reheating time for each meal with simply a touch of the Sensor Reheat button.

The new microwaves are available in store now from leading home appliance retailers. For more information, contact Panasonic on 132 600 or visit NN-ST663W and NN-ST253W pages.

Model RRP
NN-ST663W 32L Stainless Steel, White $249
NN-ST253WQPQ 20L White $109

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