Panasonic introduces revolutionary dryer that enables energy saving and gentle drying

The cutting edge heat pump technology in Panasonic’s new dryer helps consumers save money, as well as their clothes

15th Oct 2013

Sydney, 15 October 2013 – Panasonic Australia continues its evolution in smart and energy-saving home appliances with the launch of the innovative new NH-P70G2 Heat Pump Tumble Dryer.

Panasonic’s Heat Pump technology uses power more efficiently than a conventional dryer as it dries with low heat air rather than a heater. This prevents delicates from getting damaged, as clothes are gently dried at temperatures as low as 45°C. In comparison, conventional dryers with a heating element can blast clothes with hot air at 100°C or higher.

“Panasonic is a pioneer in heat pump devices with a wealth of knowledge accumulated over decades of experience with products such as air conditioners, which use a similar technology,” said Belinda Toner, Product Marketing Manager, Home Appliances and Whitegoods, Panasonic Australia.

“The NH-P70G2 will allow customers to save money on running costs compared to a conventional dryer, while also ensuring that clothes won’t shrink as they dry, and retain their original texture and quality over many drying cycles. It’s a great complement to our Washing Machine lineup, which has already proved popular in the Australian laundry market.”

Conventional dryers traditionally use more energy through reheating the air and not being able to change the compressor rotation speed. In comparison, the heat pump allows the NH-P70G2 to efficiently re-use the existing heat in the drying cycle, and Panasonic’s exclusive Inverter technology provides excellent drying results for all types of clothes, as it adapts the compressor rotation speed to the correct drying conditions.

The machine uses just 1.54kWh per cyclei, and has a 6-star energy rating, the highest available in its class.

Key Features
The Gentle Dry mode offers a smart solution when drying delicate items such as lingerie and wool.

Drying at the low heat of 45°C makes it possible to dry fabrics that are sensitive to heat such as nylon and clothes with special printed designs without worrying about damage or shrinkage. This is in contrast to conventional drying methods that blast clothes with hot air like a hair dryer, which can result in threads fraying, rubber and fibres shrinking and printed designs peeling off or losing their texture.

The Speed Mode has a drying time of 122 minutes. This mode, which automatically increases the temperature to 69°Cii, is the ideal setting for saving time, shaving roughly 25 minutes off the cycle time of the default ECO mode.

Panasonic’s exclusive Intelligent Twin Drying Sensor technology prevents items from being overheated and damaged, and minimises power consumption by monitoring the load, the type of fabric and the residual moisture. After detecting the size of the load, adjustments are made for the optimum drying temperature and time.

Another exclusive technology, 3D Air Circulation, stops damp spots caused by uneven drying through uniformly distributing a large volume of air for excellent airflow and even pressure.

The unique solid door design prevents loss of heat, which conserves energy and keeps your laundry cool. In addition, condenser technology keeps walls dry by preventing moisture-laden air from being blown out into the room.

Maintaining the NH-P70G2 is made easy thanks to the innovative Dual Lint Filters System. High performance filters are installed in two locations to prevent particles from passing through and ensuring fine lint generated during drying is eliminated. This keeps the condenser and the heat pump clean and ensures the dryer continues to work at maximum performance.

A stylish and easy-to-use design makes the NH-P70G2 a welcome addition to the laundry. The elegant frosty white door design features high-grade translucent glass and its large diameter – made possible by the unique semi-square cut design of the sides – makes it easy to load and unload an armful of clothing at once.

The NH-P70G2 has a two year warranty on parts and labour and a 10 year warranty on the motor. It is available from late October, priced at $2499 RRP.

The NH-P70G2 will be available from home appliance retailers. For more information contact Panasonic on 132 600 or visit

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