Panasonic has Christmas wrapped up with bonus Tupperware when you purchase an Inverter Microwave

30th Oct 2013

Sydney, 30 October 2013 – Panasonic has Christmas wrapped up with its bonus Tupperware promotion in the lead up to the festive season, offering customers handy Tupperware storage sets with the purchase of selected Panasonic Inverter Microwave models.

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Nicolas Cauzac, Product Marketing Manager - Microwaves, Panasonic Australia, said, “We’re making it easy to choose your Christmas present this holiday season. This popular promotion is ideal for shoppers choosing a gift for friends or family, or looking to buy the latest Microwave for their new kitchen.”

“Our latest Microwave range is easy to use and ensures perfect cooking results every time – thanks to Inverter and Flatbed technologies, as well as other smart features such as the Genius Sensor with pre-programmed cooking and reheating cycles.”

Consumers simply purchase an Inverter Microwave – the offer includes the NN-SF550W, NN-ST663W, NN-ST683S, NN-ST671SNN-SD691S - and receive an attractive three-piece Tupperware set valued at over RRP $65.

The bonus Tupperware sets are available via redemption from 1 November 2013 to 24 December 2013. For registration forms and promotional terms and conditionsi customers can visit the Panasonic Australia website from November 1 at

Panasonic Inverter technology delivers graduated power sequences so food is cooked more evenly, preserving texture and flavour, and helping to prevent spill-overs and burnt edges. The small, lightweight Inverter circuit also allows Panasonic Microwaves to combine a compact footprint with generous internal space, so they fit easily on the kitchen benchtop.

In addition, Panasonic’s innovative Flatbed design with allows for greater space inside the microwave, providing the flexibility to use rectangular or larger dishes, while the overall footprint of the unit is not increased.

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